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Welcome to the site!

I'm Funky Dealer, but if you can't stand not having a sense of familiarity, genuine or not, or just hate any names longer than 2 syllables, then call me Aidan.

What's your deal?

I'm a hobby artist, almost exclusively drawing my OCs or fanart. I also arrange music covers using instrument samples from games, mainly Wario Land 4 and Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations. These can be found on my Tumblr blog, my YouTube channel, or the music page on this very site.

Anything else?

I do aggressive rollerblading as a hobby! Jet Set Radio is entirely responsible for this. I occasionally post about my progression to my Tumblr.

On top of Jet Set Radio, as well as other obvious ones such as the Wario franchise, I also gather inspiration from Sam & Max, Pop'n Music (1998-2012), the MOTHER franchise, Puyo Pop Fever, and the Jackbox Games/YDKJ franchise.

What's new?


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