Game Boy family

Things spanning from the original Game Boy up until the Game Boy Advance!


Game Boy Color (Dandelion)

A Game Boy Color I'd gotten from my grandma! It's a little scuffed around the corners, but that involves a long story about me, my friend, and a heavily-tattered duffel bag, that I don't really feel like telling again.


Picross 2 (ピクロス2)

The sequel to 1995's Mario's Picross. Mario's Super Picross, who? Bought this loose copy off eBay for $11, but was told by a friend that these go for about $50 at conventions!! The moral of the story: always use eBay, never buy from conventions.

Microsoft 6-in-1 Puzzle Collection

This game was the only GB game I had for a few years, so it goes without saying I'm quite well acquainted with Spring Weekend at this point. Interestingly enough, for a while, this game wasn't listed in Wikipedia's List of Game Boy Color games. Is this game that obscure?

Doug's Big Game

For one of my birthdays, in my teens, I asked for Doug's Big Game. Anyone reading this would say: "Why? There are, like, way better games for the Game Boy Color, and you wanted Doug, of all things?" I hear you, and yes, not my finest decision ever, but listen, I was hyperfixated on Doug for a bit at that. Never even watched a lot of the show, though. ADHD's a bitch.

WarioWare: Twisted!

WarioWare: Twisted!. I could go on, and on, and ON about this game. But I'll keep it brief (Go look for the secret page if you wanna hear me talk about it more). I shelled out about $80 or so for this game, but it was ENTIRELY worth it. I think it's safe to call this my most prized possession.